Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy October everyone!!

Although the weather is still warm as ever here in Southern California, our nights are just starting to get cold enough for fall layers to exit my closet. Another thing I have noticed is that the change is weather has made the air so much drier out here and my skin, hair, and lips are suffering because of it. I had heard about the Coconut Oil craze since last spring, but only decided now to purchase a big jar and indulge in its many benefits. I have had it for a week now and have used it to roast a delicious chicken, added it to my rice while cooking, and used it for a hair mask (after recently going ombre and having crazy dry ends it was remarkable how much this helped heal my hair.) I also have been using it on my chapped lips, and dry elbows. I have heard that a lot of people with sensitive skin can't use the oil straight from the jar so it is better to use it in a lotion form or add it to your body wash in the shower. So far I have no complaints and have been feeling softer than ever!

Not only is it great for skin, when used in foods, it has great health benefits because it is one of the best saturated fats for your body. It helps with cholesterol, asthma, speeds up your metabolism, and helps with overactive thyroids. And because it is solid when kept under 76ยบ it is really an awesome substitute for butter. I definitely recommend it!

Are any of you fans of coconut oil? What do you use it for?

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