Friday, December 14, 2012


I have been really dying to dig up an old, old, old bag of studs I have hidden somewhere in my crafting stuff and make some DIY pieces like the ones I've been seeing lately. I have some old clothes and shoes, particularly a pair of beat up gray converse that could use some TLC. Although I usually donate stuff about four times a year (once every new season) it is hard not to hold on to some pieces in my closet that I see still have potential, despite me never wearing them. I am hoping to create some thing like this Topshop Studded Bustier, the amazing sneakers I saw over on Honestly...WTF and maybe update some denim pieces in my closet for the cooler weather. I have always had a thing for Mary-Kates style and ever since I saw her wearing the above studded leather jacket back in 2008 I have an obsession with Givenchy.

Hopefully I will have some DIYs up within the next couple days.

Faith Skins

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