Thursday, April 24, 2014

time may be an illusion but it sure seems to go by

Hi Cyber friends and all,

It has a been a whirlwind of a few months. Family issues seemed to continually arise, and my own mental stamina seemed to be evaporating. But as much as these things go along, I am doing good, keeping my feet solid on the ground and becoming more knowledgeable day by day. A couple interesting things I have discovered are: 

1. I have a gluten allergy, it's genetic and been a new distraction in my life. I've been scouring pinterest for different recipes and meal plans to help me stay on track. This also means I have nearly eradicated dairy from my life, being that I can't eat pizza or cakes or burritos or pasta really. The only bit I have stuck with is a bit of cheese on my corn tortillas. And bacon, lots of bacon.

2. I have senioritis, graduation is only three weeks away but I am itching to be done immediately, and school work seems to be slowly dying. I'm going to graduate, but this will be my worst GPA ever. (heres to never sharing my transcript with anyone ever LOL)

3. I'm really excited for summer, and bikinis, and CAMP.

 That's all for now, More updates later.