Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gratitude for What I Do.

It's Sunday ya'll!
This weekend was an amazing one for me because I got to go up to the mountains and work with some really amazing kids and parents, at one of our Girl Scouts camp properties. I got to spend the day leading team building activities and archery, while enjoying the mountain air. I was so peaceful! I am really excited cause it's coming up to my 5th year anniversary working for GS and I couldn't be more blessed to work for this beautiful organization. I currently am a Day Camp Director but also am starting a new position with them this week working in our resource department and store, I will be able to facilitate and help our thousands of girls and volunteers with any projects or ideas they need. It's really cool, I'm sure excited, and I am looking forward to these coming months. 
How are all of you doing?

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