Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My secret dream: Apply false lashes like a pro

I have for years been trying to master the art of fake lashes, Although my own are quite plentiful with mascara and some liner, its just a beauty staple for any woman to know how to apply these babies. I have practiced over the past five years and still seem to manage messing up one eye every time, getting glue gunk all over the place, or having lashes properly attached... only to later find one on the ground while I am out proudly flaunting them. That being said, I have also had my success with the eye enhancers after learning some tips and tricks. First don't apply too much glue, be plentiful but not overabundant. Secondly trim them to fit your eyes before trying to apply, nothing is weirder than having eyelashes that overextend from your lash line. Thirdly, curl your natural lashes in with the false ones in order to maintain some illusion of them being real! If you can master those three things you can apply lashes (with a little love and practice)! Personally I think this trend will never go out of style. I love the 1960s mod look with doll like eyes and have seen it reoccur over and over during the past few seasons, numerous times on the runway and red carpets. 

 Last but not least my attempt at Modeling falsies I applied myself...

What do you all think?

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