Thursday, January 16, 2014

Preview to a review: Twice Clothing

Hey Guys,

Long time, no blog... Things have been kinda crazy, between work, the New Year, my car breaking down, and my dad getting sick again. 
In my mind, The first time I saw my parents in 2014 was not supposed to be in a hospital room. I wanted to see my parents at their house, maybe at a nice dinner, or even to pay them back for helping me fix my car, but unexpected things happen.  

Despite how it sounds, things are going good. I finally took my dad home last night from the hospital and all seems well with him (as long as he rests.) My car was fixed and work is amazing as usual. I feel so blessed and grateful for my life. 

Now you might not know this about me, but I am addicted to getting FREEBIES. Let me disclaim this by saying that I am no packrat or hoarder, in fact quite the opposite, with almost everything I own fitting into two suitcases (one for clothes and shoes, one for my valuables.)  But needlessly, I love freebies. I like searching for them, whether its yard sale leftovers, cosmetic samples, magazine subscriptions, or even clothes. A couple times a week I search the craigslist free section, looking to see if any good DVDS, or electronics are being given away. I go on Absurdly Cool and look at the samples and for some reason a lot of Calendars that companies are trying to dispense, and I try to find new legit sites that offer cool things. A few days ago on my hunt, I found a great online consignment shop for women’s fashion called Twice. I was referred by a friend and instantly got a $10 dollar credit (if you click my link, you will get a $10 dollar credit yourself!) I thought to myself, This is awesome! The site was so easy to navigate and there was a lot of cute stuff in my size. You could even sell stuff for credit. I saw stuff from Urban, J. Crew, Anthropologie, Madewell and it was all under $20! I ended up getting a really cute button up top, it was under $10 dollars, and I thought to myself, the credit can't possibly go towards shipping too... BUT IT DID. And I got a free shirt that I really liked! Anyways even if it hadn't shipping is only $5 and that's not bad to me! 

I'll post photos of the shirt when I get it, it should be here tomorrow!

Check out Twice !! 

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