Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Long Hiatus and My Current TV Obsessions

Hello everyone!

Sorry for my long hiatus from the blog, life has been so crazy as the semester is coming to an end. I have been working a lot and doing some intense research for my graduation portfolio which is due on December 11th. I can't believe it's almost the holidays...Thanksgiving is just next week! 
What are you all going to be doing?

Last week I went to the bay area and I got so excited to see all of the fall colors up there. Every street I drove past had beautiful trees with the leaves falling down and it was so stunning. I got really inspired to put some of those dark greens, oranges, and reds into my closet for this time of year. 

Currently I have been so busy and really haven't kept up with TV, but there are a couple main shows that I am completely obsessed with and stay up late watching on Netflix or Youtube. 

First off I have to say that I am in love with Vampire Diaries and it's spin off The Originals, I love that the story lines are starting to intertwine and I'm interested to see how the seasons play out. 

Besides those staples, I just finished up Americas Next Top Model boys vs. girls cycle 20, which I must say was awesome...ly disappointing!!! How could Jordan win?? I was definitely not stoked to see Marvin and Cory walk away from the title, but whatever, I've been watching all the cycles, I know I won't stop now (especially now that men competing is going to be a permanent change to the show.)What did you all think about this cycle of ANTM? Did Jordan Deserve to win?

BESIDES THAT... The Queer eye ten year anniversary got me in a mood, and yet again the holy grail that is Netflix has the entire series (all 4 seasons) for instant stream. All I can say is hell yeah. I have been ending so many nights watching that in the dark, laughing at the 5 million sexual innuendos in every episode and touched at the changes these guys make in one freaking day.. like I said before I'm obsessed. 

Finally I have to mention a really cool Youtube series I found from AwesomenessTV called Make Me Over (Notice a theme in what I watch??) which started last year. It is such a cute makeover show, really focused on teens who need a little confidence boost, but I love the young cast, I love the makeovers, and the family reactions get me every time (though they are kinda awkward too haha.) Check out the first episode here.

Hope you enjoy the inner ramblings of my mind! More posts will be up soon.

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